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Study in Canada for International Students.

Study in Canada for International Students

Study in Canada for International Students

There are many reasons to study in Canada. You can read our blog on the Top 5 reasons many international students choose to study in Canada. The most important reason is that you will be able to get a once-in-a-life time post graduation work permit upon graduation. With our proper guidance from Day 1 of your study in Canada journey, your probability of immigrating to Canada is more than 95%. This will give you a huge advantage compared to a foreigner applying for Canada PR outside Canada.

We will guide you through the complicated process from choosing the right program in the right school to getting your study permit and finally to getting your Canadian permanent residency. We will be here for you every step of the way to help you avoid the many common and costly mistakes that many international students make that will prevent them from immigrating to Canada in the future.

Below is a description of our Study in Canada service for International Students:

1. Choose an Education Program

It is important to choose the right education program, not just for your future but also for your study permit application. We will recommend program based on your strengths, education history, work experience, career aspiration and budget. This will help build a strong case for your study permit application.

2. Register for Program

After deciding on the education program, we will help you prepare and submit your school application. You need to have a letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) before you can apply for a study permit.

3. Apply for a Study Permit

Once you get the letter of acceptance (LOA) we will help you prepare and submit your application to Canadian immigration.

4. Pre-departure & Post arrival Plan

After getting your study permit, we will also give you a checklist of the items that you need to prepare before you arrive in Canada and what to expect at the airport when you arrive. After you have arrived in Canada, we will also give you a checklist on the items you need to do to help you settle quickly in Canada

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If you are interested in studying in Canada, please complete our Study in Canada Assessment Form.

We will contact you to set up a time to discuss how we can help you fulfill your dream to study in Canada.

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