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Study in Canada Part 5: Timeline and Deadlines

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Study in Canada Part 5: Timeline and Deadlines
Study in Canada Part 5: Timeline and Deadlines

🎓 Start Your Study in Canada Plan Early! 📆 🎓

Have you decided to study in Canada?

✨ It's a fantastic choice! With most post-secondary programs starting in Fall, September is an exciting time to begin your academic journey. However, to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any last-minute stress, we highly recommend that you start planning your study in Canada adventure about 1 year before the first day of school. Pay attention to the study in Canada Timeline and deadlines.

Let's dive into the essential steps you need to take and the deadlines you must be aware of to make your dream of studying in Canada a reality! 🌟

⏳ Study in in Canada Timeline & Deadlines for Sep 2024 ⏳

Here's a breakdown of the key milestones to follow if you plan to study in Canada in September 2024:

Months Before Arrival in Canada


​Deadline if admission is in Fall 2024

10 months

Start your study in Canada Process

- Determine your objective for studying in Canada

- Decide on what you want to study

- Research on stutdy programs

- Research on schools

- Decide if you want to DIY or engage Professional help

Nov 2023

8 months

Prepare and submit school application

Jan 2024

6 months

Accept School Offer and make tuition payment

​Mar 2024

5 months

Prepare and Submit Study Permit Application

Apr 2024

4 months

Student housing deadline

May 2024

2 months

Off campus housing deadline

Jul 2024

1 month

Pre-departure checklist

Aug 2024

0 months

Arrive in Canada

Sep 2024

📚 Stay Tuned for More! 📚

📅 If you're new to "The Ultimate Guide to Study in Canada" blog series, welcome! For those of you who have read our earlier blogs, thank you for joining us again. Here's what's coming up:

5️⃣ Timeline and Deadlines ⏳ (You're reading it now! 🤩)

Studying in Canada offers a unique blend of academic excellence and cultural immersion. With careful planning, thorough research, and a proactive approach, you can unlock a world of opportunities and create unforgettable memories during your time in Canada.

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🔜 Keep an eye on Part 6 – Visa & Study Permit Application 🛂. Whether you're still thinking about studying in Canada or have your already set on doing so, we're here to help you at every step

Let's make your dream of studying in Canada a reality! 🌟🤝


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