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Transport Occupations Express Entry

 Transport Occupations Express Entry
Transport Occupations Express Entry

🚀 Exciting News Alert: Transport Occupations Express Entry Draw Kicks Off This Week!

On May 31, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada unveiled a game-changing update to the Express Entry system. These changes are all about addressing labor shortages and propelling economic goals by welcoming candidates with specific work experiences or exceptional French language skills to apply for permanent residence. 🍁

And now, for the drumroll moment... 🥁

🚛 Transportation Professionals, Your Time Has Come!

On Sep 18, 2023, the Honourable Marc Miller, our Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has officially announced the launch of the very first round of invitations for transport occupations through category-based selection in the Express Entry system. And guess what? It's happening this week! 📅

This exciting development focuses on welcoming candidates with expertise in the transport sector, which includes the incredible folks like commercial truck drivers, pilots, and aircraft assembly workers. 🚚✈️ The goal? To ensure that the transport industry attracts the skilled talent it needs to thrive all across this beautiful country of ours.

How do you participate in the Transport Occupations draw?

Eligibility for the transport occupations category

To be eligible, you must

  • have accumulated, within the past 3 years, at least 6 months of full-time, continuous work experience (or an equal amount of part-time work experience)

    • in a single occupation listed in the table below

    • in Canada or abroad

  • meet all of the requirements in the instructions for Express Entry (you can read more from our blog on "Would you like to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry?" )

Below is a list of Transport Occupations Eligible for The Transport Occupations Draw:


2021 NOC code

Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors


Air traffic controllers and related occupations


Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors


Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors


Deck officers, water transport


Engineer officers, water transport


Managers in transportation


Railway carmen/women


Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators


Transport truck drivers


🌟 Tailored Pathways for Transport Professionals

Canada's Express Entry system is getting a makeover to provide a seamless and efficient pathway for individuals specializing in critical fields like transport. By giving priority to skilled newcomers with work experience in transport occupations, Canada is taking a big step towards meeting the surging demand for talent and filling pivotal positions that drive the nation's economic growth and progress. 📈

Through category-based selection, Canada is doubling down on its promise to draw top-notch global talent and meet the increasing need for transport workers, bolstering the nation's economy. And here's the exciting part: these category-based selection rounds will continue throughout the year, alongside the regular general and program-specific invitation rounds. So, there's ample opportunity for you to make your move! 🌐

📢 Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!

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Join us on this exciting ride, and let's make your Canadian dreams come true together. 🌠


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