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Canada's STEM Occupations Express Entry Draw

Canada's STEM Occupations  Express Entry Draw
Canada's STEM Occupations Express Entry Draw

🌟 Breaking News : Canada's just conducted its first STEM Occupations Express Entry Draw on Jul 5, 2023!🚀

Are you a talented STEM professional dreaming of starting a new chapter in Canada? 🔬🍁 We have incredible news just for you! 🎉✨ Canada has issued its first-ever Express Entry invitations specifically for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) candidates on July 5, 2023! 🌟📅 The CRS cut off score is 486, and that is 25 point lower than the CRS cuff off score for the General Express Entry Draw conducted yesterday. This is an amazing opportunity for skilled professionals like you to pursue a fulfilling career in the Great White North! ❄️💼

✨ What is Express Entry? 🗂️

Express Entry is a streamlined immigration system designed to attract highly skilled professionals from around the world to contribute to Canada's thriving economy. With Express Entry, you have the opportunity to be selected for permanent residency based on your education, work experience, language skills, and other factors. 🎓💼🌍

🚀 A New Chapter for STEM Professionals 📚

In recognition of the vital role played by STEM professionals, the Canadian government has announced its plans to issue Express Entry invitations exclusively for candidates with expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. 🌟✨ This initiative aims to strengthen Canada's industries, promote innovation, and foster economic growth. 🔬💡💼

🔬💼 STEM Occupations Eligible for Express Entry 🔭🔢

Here is a comprehensive list of STEM occupations that are eligible for the STEM Occupations Express Entry Draws.

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes mentioned below are used to identify specific occupations in the Canadian job market. All you have to do to join the STEM Express Entry draw is to qualify for one of the three Federal Programs for Express Entry and have at least 6 months experience in one of the following STEM occupations.

Table 1: Occupations Eligible for STEM Occupations Express Entry Draw


2021 NOC code



Architecture and Science managers


Business systems specialists


Civil engineers


Computer and information systems managers


Computer Engineers (except software engineers and designers)


Computer systems developers and programmers


Cybersecurity specialists


Data scientists


Database analysts and data administrators


Electrical and electronics engineers


Engineering managers


Industrial and manufacturing engineers


Information systems specialists


Land surveyors


Landscape Architects


Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries


Metallurgical and materials engineers


Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers


Software developers and programmers


Software engineers and designers


Urban and land use planners


Web designers


Web developers and programmers


💼💡 Why Choose Canada? 🍁❤️

Canada is renowned for its world-class opportunities in STEM fields, inclusive society, and exceptional quality of life. 🌟🔬 With a thriving job market, excellent social benefits, and a welcoming environment, it's no wonder that Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live and work. 🌍

✨🔬 Join Us on this Incredible Journey! 🚀🌟

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