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Canada expands Settlement Support to Ukrainians coming to Canada

Please help us share the following settlement support information to Ukrainians who are fleeing the war and are interested making Canada their temporary home.

Canada has launched a new temporary visitor visa program (CUAET) for Ukrainians fleeing the war. If this is the first time you are hearing about it, please click on this link to find out the details about the program and how to apply.

We understand that applying for the visitor visa program is only the first step to starting your life in Canada, you have many questions about how you are going to restart your life in Canada. Canada is working to provide additional supports for Ukrainians once you arrive.

Key services that will be available to you as you settle into your new communities include

  • language training

  • information about and orientation to life in Canada, such as help with enrolling children in school

  • information and services to help access the labour market, including mentoring, networking, counselling, skills development and training

  • activities that promote connections with communities

  • assessments of other needs Ukrainians may have and referrals to appropriate agencies

  • services targeted to the needs of women, seniors, youth and LGBTQ2+ persons

  • other settlement supports available through the Settlement Program

The Canadian Red Cross will provide arrival services at the Toronto, Edmonton (from April 1, 2022) and Vancouver (from April 7, 2022) international airports. This support includes providing translation services, as well as information in you language of choice to help connect you with government and community services. To help connect you with available jobs, Canada has launched Job Bank’s Jobs for Ukraine webpage, including a fact sheet in Ukrainian, on March 17, 2022.

If you have already decided where you want to settle in Canada, you can use the following link to find out about the support services that will be available to you by entering the city, or postal code.

1to1 Immigration will provide free Canadian immigration advice for the CUAET program to Ukrainians fleeing from the war. Please feel free to connect with Tiffany Chia via our webchat or Telegram (@tiffany_chia) if you need help with your application for the CUAET program. We look forward to keeping you safe in Canada.


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