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Study in Canada Part 5: Timeline and Deadlines

We highly recommend that you start your study in Canada plan 1 year before the first day of school. Post-secondary courses in Canada generally start Fall, the first week of September, for each new academic year. There are also courses that start in Winter (January) and Summer (May/June) .There are many things you need to do and submit to study in Canada. It is important to take note of the timeline and deadline so that you can arrive in Canada in time for school. The last thing you want to do is to miss your orientation or first few weeks of school.

Below is a recommended timeline and deadlines for what you need to do if you plan to study in Canada in Sep 2023:

Table 1: Timeline & Deadline to study in Canada

If you have just started reading our 8-part Study in Canada blog, here is the list of topics that we are covering

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